Strategic Plan Components

Strategic Plan Components

Description Component
What is the overarching purpose of the organization? Mission
How do we view ourselves? Vision
What are the specific principles that guide us in our work? Values
What distinct areas of service are represented within our mission? Core Themes
For each area of service within our mission, what do we intend to accomplish? Objectives
How do we measure our progress in terms of accomplishment of our mission? Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
Where do we report our status with each of our Key Performance Indicators? Monitoring Reports and KPI Dashboard
Over the next three to five years, what approach or approaches will we take within each core theme to keep us moving toward achieving our mission? Strategic Initiatives
Over the next year, what tactics do we need to implement to keep us moving toward achieving our mission? Annual Priorities
What are the different types of planning that need to occur across all core themes, to ensure we are staying on track with accomplishing our mission? Planning Categories
What supporting documents exist that contain more detail about what is happening in different areas of the campus? Unit and Supporting Plans
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