The Salal Review is a literary and visual arts magazine featuring an inspired collection of artwork and literature by students, community members, and LCC employees!

The magazine is published annually by Lower Columbia College students enrolled in Arts Magazine Production (HUM 124, 125, 126 or 224, 225, 226). The Salal team is made up of students and faculty advisors who curate and publish each year's edition during the academic year.

In 2020 the The Salal Review won honorable mention. 

In 2008, 2009 and 2013 The Salal Review won Washington Community College Humanities Association Literary and Arts Magazine Award.

Submissions Information

Submissions are accepted twice yearly. Literary art is accepted in October, and visual art is accepted in January.

Annual Launch Party

Each year's issue is revealed at a launch party in June organized by students enrolled in the class. Funding is provided by the Associated Students of Lower Columbia College. It is a special event for the whole community.


Hard Copies

Hard copies are available in the Student Activities Office and in the community. 

Contact The Salal Review Team

  Abbie Leavens, Faculty Advisor

  Amber Lemiere, Faculty Advisor

  (360) 442-2636

  Heidi Bauer, Faculty Advisor

  (360) 442-2636

  Chris Tower, Faculty Advisor

  (360) 442-2636

  Student Editors

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