Lower Columbia College's online Spanish curriculum uses Vistas (first-year sequence) and Enfoques (second-year sequence) through Vista Higher Learning, a leading university-level Spanish language publisher. 

The practical combination of language immersion and structured lectures fulfill degree and workplace requirements. By the end of the first five credits, most beginners understand enough Spanish to participate in a conversation!

In order to register and complete online Spanish coursework, students must process several steps to purchase textbooks, submit 'pasaporte'  take exams and acess the 'Supersite'. 

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In this section you may also meet the instructor, learn about the advantages of taking online Spanish, and watch sample tutorial videos.


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Get Help with Online Spanish

Contact the eLearning Office, or instructor Alex Emerson, as listed below.

  eLearning Office

  (360) 442-2520

  Alex Emerson, English & Spanish Instructor

  (360) 442-2638
Fax: (360) 442-2649