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Spring Quarter 2015

John H. Bodley

Envisioning a Small Nations Global Future: A Scale & Power Perspective. 

Through detailed research and critical analysis, Professor Bodley argues that small nations are capable of reaching a cultural consensus to correct the unsustainable nature of imperial and commercial cultural worlds.

Spring Quarter 2013

Stephanie Coontz

Courting Trouble? The Invention and Transformation of 'Traditional' Marriage and Male-Female Relationships.

Award-winning author Stephanie Coontz teaches history and family studies at The Evergreen State College in Olympia and is Director of Research and Public Education for the Council on Contemporary Families. A featured speaker on gender equality on NPR, the Today Show, and before Congress, her message is timely as Americans struggle with questions surrounding equity in the workforce and the 'traditional' definition of marriage. Learn more about Stephanie Coontz.

News Story

Vest Lecture: Author argues marriage isn't in dire straits
The Daily News | May 9, 2013

Spring Quarter 2012

Matthew Avery Sutton

The Antichrist, Evangelical Political Activism, and the 2012 Election.

Matthew Avery Sutton, Ph.D., Associate Professor of History, Washington State University, presents research exploring the twentieth-century history of Christian apocalyptic thought in the United States. His talk focused on the ways in which international events including the World Wars and the global economic depression of the 1930s fueled American fundamentalists’ fears of Armageddon. These fears in turn shaped fundamentalists' opposition to Franklin Roosevelt and New Deal liberalism, driving them to the political right. Finally, Sutton suggested that the apocalyptic anxieties that fueled fundamentalist hostility to FDR could play a role in the 2012 election and they help to explain contemporary evangelical opposition to Barack Obama. Learn more about Matthew Sutton

News Stories:

Author: End-times theology shapes politics
The Daily News | April 27, 2012

WSU professor to discuss religion, politics during LCC's annual Vest Lecture
The Daily News | April 23, 2012

Spring Quarter 2011

Eric Walther

Honoring the 150th Anniversary of the American Civil War.

Dr. Eric Walther discussed the fascinating 'Fire Eater' William Lowndes Yancey: how he pushed for secession; then became a diplomat, trying to win European recognition for the confederacy. Dr. Walther teaches U.S. History at the University of Houston, specializing in the Antebellum South and the coming of the Civil War. He is a highly-rated lecturer.

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