Employee Self Service

Every employee should have a number of "tiles" on their homepage in ctcLink. The tiles will vary depending on your role, employee status, and assigned tasks (such as transactions you are responsible for as part of your job). Here is a list of what is included in the most common tiles for all employees.

Please visit the ctcLink Reference Center for instructions and more detailed information.

Screen reader mode update

The "Enable Screen Reader Mode" option at the ctcLink login page does not automatically activate! The state team is working on a permanent fix, but until then screen reader mode must be enabled manually. Visit the Enable Screen Reader Mode page for instructions.

Onboarding Activities Tile

New employees with receive assigned tasks from Human Resources within the "Onboarding Activities" tile on their homepage.

Personal Details Tile

Within this tile, you can review, update and initiate changes to your personal information.

  • Name
  • Address
  • Contact information
  • Emergency contacts
  • Ethnic groups
  • Veteran status
  • Disability status

Time Tile

Within this tile, you can perform a number of functions related to time and leave.

Note: there are two categories of time in ctcLink: 'Elapsed Time' and 'Punch Time.'

Classified Staff use 'Elapsed Time' during initial set-up to indicate total hours worked each day according to their normal schedule.

PT hourly and student workers use 'Punch Time' to enter what time they started, went to lunch, came back from lunch, and left for the day for each shift worked.

  • Enter Time (use this function to enter hours or time worked depending on your employee category - use the appropriate Time Reporting Code to indicate whether it is regular, overtime, comp time, etc.)
  • Report Time (employees who use screen reader mode should use this function instead of Enter Time)
  • Review Exceptions (use this function to review and fix errors)
  • View payable time (use this function to view the number of hours you've worked in a given pay period)
  • Request and Cancel Absences
  • View Absence Balances

Payroll Tile (note: all employee categories will be paid twice a month in ctcLink, including PT hourly and student workers)

  • Review paycheck details
  • Review and initiate updates to Tax Withholdings
  • Review and Consent to electronic W-2's
  • Review and submit Direct Deposit information
  • Use the Paycheck Modeler (use to calculate a hypothetical check by changing your earnings, deductions, and/or tax withholding status)

Benefit Details Tile

  • Benefits Summary (type of benefit, plan description, and coverage or participation)
  • Manage Delegations
  • Approve and Reject Delegations

Careers Tile

  • View open positions

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