Following are some questions and answers about ctcLink, borrowed liberally from the Spokane Community College District. This page will be revised and updated as more information specific to LCC becomes available. We are indebted to the FirstLink Colleges (Spokane, Spokane Falls and Tacoma Community College) for leading the way in this important undertaking.

General System Information

What happens to the information in the legacy software system (SMS, FMS, etc.) when we Go Live?
It will be turned off, but staff can access the legacy software to review information there (but cannot make changes to the data after that point).

Are self-service training modules available?
Yes. Short, focused tutorials are currently available at the State Board for Community and Technical College (SBCTC) website and additional materials will be made available as we get closer to Go Live. These online training materials will be regularly updated and made available online. This material will be posted in a single central repository for the most up-to-date ctcLink Go Live information (

Will I have to regularly update my ctcLink password for security purposes?
Yes. The system will send you password update notifications when necessary, again after Go Live.

If a student does not write down their ctcLink ID number or password after Go Live, how can we help them?
At this point we plan to create a Help Desk for assistance during the Go Live process. It is anticipated that Help Desk staff would work with the state to retrieve ID numbers. Students can create new passwords themselves by answering the security questions they created when they activated their account.

What is happening to Instructor Briefcase?
It will be replaced with a new Faculty Center module in ctcLink.

What is happening to CANVAS?
We will continue to use CANVAS. There will be links to CANVAS inside the ctcLink Student Center module, and students who are logged into ctcLink will be able to access CANVAS without an additional login (at least that's what we anticipated will happen at this point).

Will ctcLink impact the system login to my desktop computer or my email? Will it impact students logging into computers?
No, it will not.

How far back will the data in the new ctcLink system go?
The cutover between the legacy system and the new ctcLink system will include the past three years of data. Older data is available in the legacy system in a read-only version.

What will happen with payroll and electronic deposit of checks?
Employees will continue to have electronic deposit of checks if they so choose.

I have heard that ctcLink is not compatible with Windows Edge in Windows 10. Will this be corrected? ctcLink is a PeopleSoft software created by Oracle, which has yet to recognize Windows Edge in Windows 10. The compatibility issues are being worked on. Chrome or Firefox are the recommended browsers for now.

Account Activation

If I have already activated my account to use the sandbox in training, will I need to do anything else?
The sandbox is only for training purposes. Everyone (students, faculty, staff) will need to activate their account in the new system. This will involve creating a password and providing answers to three security questions (similar to other online accounts you may have).

When I activate my account (AYA), should I use my nickname or my formal name (ex. Rob or Robert)?
The ctcLink system will recognize you by the name in our LCC employment system.

Can I create my own ctcLink ID number?
No the system will automatically assign a number to you. You can, however, create your own password within the requirements shown on the ctcLink activation screen.


Will faculty have access to student emails in the new system, so that they can contact students before a class begins?

Will instructor briefcase change with ctcLink?
Yes, it will be replaced with new Faculty Center. Go to: to see training resources.

Will faculty have access in ctcLink to check students’ prerequisites for a course? Can they check for an entire class?
Yes, faculty will be able to check whether students have completed prerequisites. We do not yet know what the exact process for executing this action in a group function for an entire class will look like.


Will Student Services staff be able to access student ctcLink IDs and passwords to help students?
Staff will be able to look up student ctcLink IDs, but not their passwords. Students who forget their password will be able to create new ones using the security questions online.

What will happen with student wait lists in the new software? Will we be able to see students on the wait list and move them into courses as space becomes available?
We do not yet know the specific details of how this part of the ctcLink software works, and are awaiting further information.

We will be able to access SMS queries?
Data Express was replaced by PeopleSoft reporting tools. We will identify a group of staff who will initially be able to write queries using the new reporting tools. Over time, the list of people able to query the system will expand.

If an employee’s job changes, who will change their ctcLink security access fields?
Once a supervisor approves a job change, the request will go from the supervisor to the data steward for that area so that the change can be made.

Will there be training for people who need to know how to request leave, report hours and approve payroll?
Yes. To view existing online training guides, go to


How will students log into CANVAS, and how will CANVAS import new student information from ctcLink?
Students with existing accounts prior to Go Live can continue to use their Student ID-based login. They will also have a new login added to their account when they activate their ctcLink account. Both logins will work, and both will take the student to the same Canvas account. New students who created Canvas accounts after Go Live will only use their ID they receive in the ctcLink system.

What will happen to non-credit students? How will they access ctcLink?
They will be able to go the same activate your account (AYA) website and follow the same process that the credit students will use.

Will payroll be affected? Will I need to get into ctcLink to get paid?
Payroll is part of the ctcLink project. All employees who are required to submit time sheets will need to log into the system and report their time.

How will student transcripts be available?
Transcripts should be available as soon as students activate their accounts in ctcLink, following Go Live.

Will everyone need to get a new photo ID because of ctcLink? 
Students will need their new ID card before they can register for the subsequent quarter.

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