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Manager Self Service

Every employee should have a number of "tiles" on their homepage in ctcLink. The tiles will vary depending on your role and status. Here is a list of what is included in the most common tiles for managers.

Please visit the ctcLink Reference Center for instructions and more detailed information.

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Recruiting Activities Tile

Note: LCC will continue to use NeoGov for the time being...

  • Search applications, applicants and job openings
  • Create applicants and job openings
  • View applicant lists
  • View your interview calendar
  • View saved searches

Approvals Tile

  • Shows all pending approvals that need your review

My Team Tile

  • This tile takes you directly to information about your team

Team Time Tile

  • Timesheet
  • Report Time
  • Weekly Time Entry
  • Weekly Time Summary
  • Payable Time
  • Leave/Comp Time
  • Request Absence
  • Cancel Absences
  • View Requests
  • Absence Balances
  • Manage Exceptions (errors)
  • Attendance Violations
  • Reporting Locations
  • Workforce Availability

Open Jobs Tile

Note: LCC will continue to use NeoGov for the time being...

  • This tile takes you directly to current job openings

View or Download Manager Tiles Handout

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