Employee resource center

ctcLink gives you 24/7 access from your mobile device, laptop or home computer to a variety of employee tools.


  • LCC employees each have their own universal ctcLink ID (also called EMPLID) that replaces the old ID number (also referred to as "900 number").
  • Use your ctcLink ID at all colleges in the WA Community and Technical College system.
  • Don't use the "back" button on your browser when accessing ctcLink, use the navigation within ctcLink instead.

The State Board for Community & Technical Colleges (SBCTC) is responsible for ctcLink training. LCC employees can self-register for Canvas courses through the SBCTC's ctcLink training registration webpage.


  Trouble logging in?

If you are unable to log in to ctcLink (you just keep looping back to the login screen), try using an incognito browser window in Google.

Alternatively, you can set your computer to delete cookies and history after each use, or frequently clear your browser history manually.

Contact ctcLink Team

  Nichole Seroshek, ctcLink Project Manager/Business Process Analyst

   (360) 442-2113

  Kara McElroy, Business Process Analyst/Document Management Specialist

   (360) 442-2112

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