Faculty Center

Every employee will have a number of "tiles" on their homepage in ctcLink. The tiles will vary depending on your role and status. Here is a list of what is included in the most common tiles for faculty.

Please visit the ctcLink Reference Center for instructions and more detailed information.

Screen reader mode update

The "Enable Screen Reader Mode" option at the ctcLink login page does not automatically activate! The state team is working on a permanent fix, but until then screen reader mode must be enabled manually. Visit the Enable Screen Reader Mode page for instructions.

View my schedule

  • Review schedule for current or other term
  • View personal data summary
  • View textbook summary
  • Exam schedule
  • Weekly schedule
  • Class details

View Class Roster

  • View roster and student information
  • Send email communication to individual students
  • Send notification to groups of students
  • Download roster
  • Toggle between different class rosters

Enter Grades

  • Select and view grade roster for a class
  • Enter grades for multiple students with the same grade
  • Send a notification message to multiple students
  • Enter grades for individual students
  • Email individual students
  • Download, save, and/or post grade roster

Enter and Submit Early Alert

  • Note: alerts should be entered in Navigate rather than ctcLink!

Search for Classes

  • Search for classes in the Class Schedule
  • View search results
  • View class details
  • Run new and modified searches

Browse Course Catalog

  • Search for courses at your own or other colleges in the ctcLink system

Faculty Search

  • Search for classes based on instructors who teach them using name, EMPLID (employee ID), or campus ID

View or Download Faculty Center Handout

Contact ctcLink Team

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   (360) 442-2113

  Kara McElroy, Business Process Analyst/Document Management Specialist

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