Key ctcLink Terms for Students

# Term Definition
1 Career The career is all coursework that a student undertakes at an academic institution grouped in a single student record.
2 Institution The institution is the college name.
3 Subject The subject is the course topic, such as English, Math, History, etc.
4 Academic Session The academic session is the term (quarter), such as fall, winter, spring, or summer.
5 Academic Program The program to which a student applies, is admitted, and from which the student graduates.
6 Waitlist The waitlist allows students to be placed on a list to potentially gain enrollment in a class if a spot becomes available.
7 Enrollment Date The enrollment date is the first day the student is eligible to enroll in courses for the corresponding term.
8 Shopping Cart Shopping cart functionality enables students to plan enrollment in class sections for a particular term. The system stores a student's class selections for a particular term for the student to access when the term is available for enrollment.
9 Program Requirements Program requirements are the classes that are required for completion of a particular academic program.
10 Planner The "My Planner" functionality provides students with a tool to plan their courses for an individual term, multiple terms, or for their entire stay at the institution. After students add courses to their planner, they can proceed directly from planning to enrollment. Students with multiple careers are provided with a planner for each career.
11 Unassigned Courses Unassigned courses are courses that have not been placed in a specific term of the student's planner.
12 Requirement The requirements as they apply to a student's program are the different distribution areas, such as Communications, Humanities, Social Sciences, etc.
13 What-If Report A what-if report is a simulated advisement report based on alternate programs of study.
14 Milestones Milestones are non-course-related events that a student must fulfill for a degree.
15 GPA Grade Point Average
16 Cumulative GPA The cumulative GPA is the grade point average of all grades a student has secured in a term. However, an overall GPA may be defined as an average of all cumulative GPAs which a student has secured in all terms and all the courses in an academic term.
17 Course Credit A credit is the recognition for having taken a course at a particular college.
18 Test Credit Test credit is calculated based on reported test scores and not based on actual courses

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