Fall Quarter 2023 Production

The Gods of Comedy

Written by Ken Ludwig
Directed by Betsy Richard

Production Dates: 
November 10,11,16, and 18 at 7:30PM
November 12 at 2:00PM
November 17 at 11:00AM

Play Description:

What do you do when you’re a Classics professor at one of the greatest universities in America and find a long-lost manuscript by Euripides that will make you famous throughout the world?  You lose it, of course.  And then you call on the Ancient Greek Gods of Comedy to get you out of the mess.  

For young professor Daphne Rain, the first surprise is that the gods show up.  And the second surprise is that any two people – even if they are gods – can wreak so much havoc on one college campus.

The Ivy League will never be the same as a pair of screwball deities encounters the carnal complexity of college coeds, campus capers, and conspicuous consumption.  


Washington's Axe

Written by Gary Peterson
Directed by Emily Wood

Production Dates: 

Play Description:

A huckster tries to sell an antique axe to a customer, purporting that it is the actual hatchet used by George Washington to cut down his father’s prized cherry tree. The situation begs the age-old question:  if you replace all the parts of an object, does it still retain its identity?  A 10-minute play.  

About the Drama Program

Drama at Lower Columbia College offers courses designed to provide students with an understanding of the theatre and an appreciation of theatre, acting, technical theatre, and production experience through performance. Students develop the ability to express themselves in many ways: acting on stage, seminar discussion, play analysis, review writing, script interpretation, kinesthetic expression, and technical proficiency in set, costume, and light design.

One play is presented each quarter during the academic year. Participation is open to all students, college employees and members of the local community.

Students interested in acting can complete an associate degree or begin studies to transfer to a baccalaureate program. Drama courses can also be an important supplement for those who plan to major in the humanities or social sciences.

Act One Drama Club

If you don't think you are ready for auditions or feel like it is too big of a time commitment, think about becoming involved in our Act One Drama Club that produces our performances.Act One includes everyone involved in drama at the college. Members are actively involved in producing a Center Stage Theater production each quarter.

Contact the Drama Department

 Betsy Richard, Drama Instructor

  (360) 442-2682

 Robert Cochran, Building Manager/Technician

  (360) 442-2277


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