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Lower Columbia College's OER Repository

Click to access Open Educational Resources being used in LCC classes.

LCC calls these resources Alternative Educational Resources (AER), and they include all course resources that cost students less than $50 to use. Some AER courses may include resources that are not openly licensed but still reduce costs for students, such as used or inexpensive books, library resources, and other alternatives to costly commercial textbooks.

Interested in adopting OER for your class?

Locate the resource(s) you want to use. Several places to find OER are identified on the right side of this page. Librarians can assist with this - contact us at (360) 442-2660.

Upload your resource(s) into Canvas. eLearning can assist with this - contact them at (360) 442-2520.

Items need to have an open license, or we need permission to print. For example, CC-BY or another open license.

Faculty are expected to identify which chapters of a text they want printed.

Any given item must be no more than 750 pages, but we suggest less than 600. If the item is too large, faculty need to divide the file into two volumes. You can do this using Adobe Pro, available in the eLearning office.

Any given item must have a cover page which identifies the course, text title, and includes an OER license or copyright statement.

If an item is to be shared to the web, it should either:

  1. be ADA accessible, or
  2. have an accessibility statement, such as: "for an accessible copy of this item, please see
  1. Send the file to the bookstore and the library.
  2. Librarians will add the printable file to the OER repository for student/faculty/staff access.
  3. Librarians or bookstore staff will upload the formatted file into the AER shared folder.
  4. Bookstore staff will confirm the course number and item.
  5. Bookstore staff may add an ISBN to the OER.
  6. Bookstore staff will send the formatted file to the print shop, identifying how many copies are needed.
  7. The print shop will print the files and return them to the bookstore.
  8. Students can then elect to purchase the printed copy of the OER from the bookstore or read the material online via the OER repository.


Current OER/AER Course List

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OER Mythbusting, via SPARC (2017)

Creating OER and Combining Licenses (Video)

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