Student Access, Support and Completion

Student Access, Support and Completion

Objectives Key Performance Indicators
1. Offer a full array of educational programs and support services to meet the diverse needs of Cowlitz and Wahkiakum counties.
  1. Participation rates in service district
  2. Enrollment
2. Provide students with the support needed to pursue and achieve their educational goals.
  1. Student persistence (overall)
  2. Completion (overall)
  3. Student satisfaction with support services
  4. Faculty-student engagement
  5. Student satisfaction with instruction
  6. Student sense of belonging


Strategic Initiative: Simplify our onboarding, advising and related support services to get and keep more students, including those from historically underrepresented groups and vulnerable populations, on the path to completion.

Planning Category Annual Priorities
  • Continue to engage faculty in recruitment activities with prospective students, including building sustainable multicultural outreach strategies, and planning and delivering events.
  • Continue to expand educational opportunities for high school students.
  • Identify and partner with culturally specific organizations and community leaders to better understand and support the needs of systemically marginalized students.
  • Continue to analyze data regarding barriers to onboarding and retaining systemically marginalized student populations.
  • Expand strategies to increase recruitment and support for systemically marginalized populations, including economically disadvantaged students.
  • Define and develop a plan to bring to scale equity competent advising and continue to implement advising redesign.
  • Update the comprehensive plan for college-owned housing for students.
Student & Community Engagement
  • Improve timely and effective communication with students regarding financial aid, transfer, and other services and resources.
  • Continue the Guided Pathways initiatives.
  • Adapt our customer service approach to meet the needs of a rapidly changing environment.
  • Increase the proportion of applicants who make it through the onboarding process.
  • Implement service area memorandum of understanding (MOU) agreements for high school transcript retrieval.
  • Develop strategies to increase recruitment and support for male students.
  • Strengthen and increase partnerships with community based organizations and social service agencies to provide additional basic needs resources for students.
  • Continue to promote Washington College Grant opportunities with K-12 partners, including offering regular FAFSA (financial aid application) workshops.
  • Continue efforts to digitize student processes, including ongoing development of electronic forms, to promote accessibility and support modernization.
  • Implement a sustainable student technology replacement plan for loaner devices and hotspots.


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