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You have two free options for tutoring online. You can participate in a live video session with your tutor, or, for writing assignments you can send in your paper and your tutor will send you feedback! You can receive both types of tutoring through either WeTC or LCC eTutoring. Read below to find out which option is best for you!

LCC eTutoring

Our LCC tutors are happy to meet with you online. Our tutors work closely with LCC faculty to ensure you are getting the optimal level of support in your courses.

LCC eTutoring is the right fit for you if...

  • You want to work with the same tutor each time
  • You want to work with a tutor that has taken classes at LCC
  • You want to work with tutors that communicate with your instructors

View the LCC tutor schedule by visiting lcc.mywconline.com

WeTC eTutoring

eTutoring through WeTC is a free, online student resource available to all LCC students. This is a great option if LCC's eTutoring availability doesn't work with your schedule.

WeTC eTutoring is the right fit for you if...

  • LCC's Tutoring Center hours don't fit your schedule
  • LCC doesn't have a tutor for your course
  • You want to drop in without scheduling an appointment (drop in hours vary by subject)

Log in to WeTC's website or access WeTC eTutoring through your Canvas account by selecting the eTutoring link in one of your courses.

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