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Emergencies at Lower Columbia College

Emergencies or disasters can happen at any time and usually occur with little or no warning. When an emergency occurs at Lower Columbia College, our safety and speedy recovery depend on existing levels of preparedness and coordinated response from students, employees and visitors.

How to be prepared for an emergency at Lower Columbia College

  • Familiarize yourself with emergency procedures in the Emergency Handbook.
  • Sign up to receive Emergency Text Messages.
  • Be aware of your surroundings at all times... in all places
  • Know where your emergency exits are located
  • Assume an alarm is real and act accordingly. If a fire alarm sounds, exit the building.
  • Take all drills and exercises seriously!  During a lockdown exercise, participate and follow proper procedures.
  • Attend offered trainings and workshops.
  • Download the 2 Weeks Ready plan.
  • Visit Washington Emergency Management Division for more preparation tips. 

Craft an Emergency Kit

 *Video provided from EMDPrepare



Instructions on how to deal with specific emergencies.


Medical, Police, Fire

From a college phone: 911
From any other phone: 911

Campus Security

From a college phone: 2911
From any other phone: (360) 442-2911

Please Make a Report if you observe or experience harassment, discrimination, bias, misconduct or threatening behavior.

Contact Safety & Security

The Safety & Security Office is located in the Student Center on the first floor (main lobby). To reach a campus security office call 2911 from a campus phone or (360) 442-2911 from any other phone.

Director or Student Conduct and Security Services

  Jason Arrowsmith
  Student Center Room 106
  (360) 442-2270

Director of Environmental Health & Safety

  Janel Skreen
  Health & Science Building Room 324
  (360) 442-2273

Vice President of Administration

  Nolan Wheeler
  Administration Building, Rm 203
  (360) 442-2200

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