Washington State University Vancouver grants a full scholarship to an accomplished student, nominated by the LCC President, each year.


2019/20: Ashley Smith

2018/19: Clinton Howard

2017/18: Andrew Jaspers

2016/17: Tanner Byman

2015/16: Cheyenne DeFrates

2014/15: Anna Davis

2013/14: Brett Merritt

2012/13: Hoa Le

2011/12: Brian Jurvakainen

2010/11: Melissa Knudson

2009/10: Jeffrey Northington

2008/09: Angela Dahlke

2007/08: Nicole Chittock

2006/07: Asalie Groff

2005/06: Jennifer McLean

Application Process

Application period is now closed. Students will be notified by LCC email when the 2019-20 application period opens.

Applications for the Community College Presidents' Award (scholarship) typically become available in spring.

Students interested in being considered for this award from Washington State University Vancouver must apply.

Eligible students must be accepted for admission by Washington State University Vancouver.

The LCC President selects one nominee from the group of applicants each year. The nomination is reviewed and must be approved by Washington State University Vancouver before it is awarded.

More information is also available on the Washington State University Vancouver website.

Contact Student Awards

  Paz Clearwater, Director

   (360) 442-2443


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