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The Honors List is compiled by the Registrar's Office at the end of each quarter to recognize students who have achieved commendable grade point averages. 

Quarterly President's and Dean's Lists are submitted to The Longview Daily News for publication.

President's List

To be named to the president's list, students must attend school full time and maintain a grade point average between 3.8 and 4.0. 

Dean's List

To be named to the dean's list, students must attend school full time and maintain a grade point average between 3.25 and 3.79.

Commencement Honors

Graduates who have achieved the President's or Dean's List every quarter are recognized with a gold cord at commencement, and have an (HH) or (H) listed next to their name in the commencement program.

Honors Lists



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About Grades and Credits

At Lower Columbia College students receive both letter and points-per-credit grades. Each credit class is offered for a predetermined number of credits, generally one credit per weekly contact hour of lecture or two weekly hours of laboratory contact. Points, or numerical values, are assigned to letter grades. At the end of each quarter, students receive both a letter grade and its corresponding number of points for each course in which they are enrolled. Courses receiving a grade of P (Pass), W (Withdraw), R (Retake), N (Audit), X (Expunged), I (Incomplete) or V (Instructor-Initiated Withdrawal) are not included in the GPA. Grades and their points are as follows:

  • A 4.0 points per credit (exceptional performance)
  • A- 3.7 points per credit
  • B+ 3.3 points per credit
  • B 3.0 points per credit (above average performance)
  • B- 2.7 points per credit
  • C+ 2.3 points per credit
  • C 2.0 points per credit (average performance)
  • C- 1.7 points per credit
  • D+ 1.3 points per credit
  • D 1.0 points per credit (minimal performance)

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