Washington State University Vancouver grants a full scholarship to an accomplished student, nominated by the LCC President, each year.

How to apply: application information for the WSU-V Community College President's Award is posted on our Scholarships from Outside Agencies webpage.

More information is also available on the Washington State University Vancouver website.


2022/23: Joyce "Eunji" Lee

2021/22: Kathleen Neuhalfen

2020/21: Tia Verhasselt

2019/20: Ashley Smith

2018/19: Clinton Howard

2017/18: Andrew Jaspers

2016/17: Tanner Byman

2015/16: Cheyenne DeFrates

2014/15: Anna Davis

2013/14: Brett Merritt

2012/13: Hoa Le

2011/12: Brian Jurvakainen

2010/11: Melissa Knudson

2009/10: Jeffrey Northington

2008/09: Angela Dahlke

2007/08: Nicole Chittock

2006/07: Asalie Groff

2005/06: Jennifer McLean

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