The school year host family program is currently unavailable.

Host Families

Host families believe that hosting an international student is a rewarding and mutually beneficial experience for themselves and their student.

Host families come in many styles, including single parent, young couple, retired couple, and two-parent families. Host families are individually unique while sharing an interest in other cultures and people.

The below information is an electronic version of the Host Family Handbook. If you would like a paper copy, please contact International Programs staff.

Expectations of Host Families

  • Provide a furnished private bedroom (with Internet access) for the student as well as a clean, pleasant, and safe living environment.
  • Provide plentiful nutritious food for three meals per day.
  • Arrange transportation for the student to and from campus: driving, walking (20 min. max.), bus (40 min. max.).
  • Involve the student in daily home life, including everyday activities and special outings when appropriate.
  • Help student adapt to U.S. culture, as well as provide opportunities for them to engage in community life.
  • Familiarize student with the community and how to access resources such as banks, grocery stores, shopping, etc.
  • Provide emergency and safety instructions as well as contact information to student.
  • Contact the International Programs office about any concerns with the homestay arrangement, severe sickness, or other concerns.

Expectations of Students

  • Pay the homestay fee directly to their hosts each month by cash or personal check from a US bank.
  • Abide by the terms laid out in the Student Binder regarding homestay fees for partial month stays and vacation leave.
  • Participate in the daily home life and other activities of the host family.
  • Respect and follow the host family's house rules regarding Internet, curfews, visitors, smoking, alcohol, etc.
  • Communicate their needs and requests directly to their host family such as needing a particular item or having any special plans.
  • Keep areas that they use in the home clean and orderly.
  • Take responsibility for their own money. Host families will not be responsible for any lost money.

Homestay Fee

The homestay fee will be paid monthly in cash directly to the host family on a predetermined date set by the student and host family (usually the first day the student arrives in the home). From this fee, hosts are responsible to pay for meals, utilities, and any other extras you may choose to provide. Hosts may elect to provide the student with a bag lunch for school and are obligated to pay for hot meals at school when bag lunches are not available. The student is expected to cover personal expenses such as toiletries, stationery, school supplies, postage, clothing, snacks purchased outside the home, and entertainment.

What to do Before your Student Arrives

What to do After your Student Arrives

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The school year host family program is currently unavailable.

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