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Due to concerns regarding the spread of Corona Virus, The LCC campus is closed from March 20 - April 14. Our office is still assisting students remotely, and we are here to help.

The International Programs staff are still working and we want to help you! We are responding to email and phone, and can set up virtual meetings. We are still processing admissions and are able to process requests regarding OPT and updates to I-20s. Contact us via email at or via phone at (360) 355-0244.

Congratulations on your admission to Lower Columbia College!

We can't wait to meet you.

Please follow these important steps if you have already applied for admission and received your Admission Packet. If not, please see How to Apply or contact us at

Next Steps for Admitted Students


Step 1: As soon as you get your admission packet: schedule your visa interview

Do this now and don't wait!

This is also called the "SEVIS fee." You must pay before you can schedule your visa appointment with the US Embassy. It is easiest to do this online if possible, with a credit card or debit card. Visa, MasterCard, and American Express are accepted.

  • Have your I-20 available. You will need it to fill out the form. Make sure you are able to print from your computer, as you will need to print your receipt
  • We have detailed instructions on how to pay the I-901 fee in our online orientation
  • Once you submit your payment, a payment confirmation will be displayed, which is a I-797C form. Print this for your records.
  • You can check on your payment, or reprint your confirmation by visiting the I-901 Fee website.

Once you have paid your I-901 fee and you have your I-797C proof of payment, you can schedule your visa appointment. Have your I-20 and I-797C ready.

  • We have detailed information about how to schedule your visa appointment in our online orientation.
  • To schedule your appointment, visit the US Embassy website and choose the embassy where you plan to have your interview.
  • Once you are at the embassy website, choose "Visa" from the drop-down menu, and select the option "Apply for a non-immigrant Visa". Here you will find the instructions for scheduling an appointment. Remember, you are applying for a "non-immigrant" F-1 visa.
  • We have advice about how to prepare for your interview and what to expect in our online orientation
  • Read NAFSA's 10 Points to Remember When Applying for a Student Visa.
  • Bring your Passport, I-20, I-797C, Proof of Financial Support, Admission Letter, transcripts, and any additional information listed on the embassy website or your appointment confirmation.
  • If your visa is denied, you can re-apply for a visa by applying for another interview. Your I-901 fee payment is good for one year. Please see the Visa Denials web page for detailed information about denials and reapplying. Please note: LCC will only issue one additional I-20 if you postpone your attendance due to a visa denial.



Step 2: As soon as you get your visa: Prepare to arrive in the USA and at Lower Columbia College.

Confirm your housing plans, and schedule your flight.

See our housing page for detailed information about housing options and costs.

If you have not paid your housing assistance fee and confirmed your housing plans before the housing confirmation deadline, your I-20 will be canceled. We cannot support students who arrive on campus without housing.

  • Schedule your flight to arrive on new international student arrival day. Flights must be booked to arrive at Portland International Airport (PDX). If you have not arranged for us to pick you up, you will be required to arrange for your own transportation from the airport.
  • Submit New Student Arrival Form. All students must report their arrival information. If you do not, we will not be prepared for your arrival, and may not be able to assist you.
  • For your trip: make sure you bring your passport, I-20, I-707C, admission letter, and airport pick-up information. Bring it with you on the plane and do not put it with your checked baggage!
  • Medical and dental expenses in the USA are very high. We recommend that you take care of the following before you depart your home country
    • Go to the dentist, get your teeth cleaned, and have any needed procedures done
    • Go to the doctor for a check-up, and get any prescription medication you may need to bring with you
    • If you wear glasses or contacts, get your eyes checked and know your prescription. If you need new glasses, get them at home. If you wear disposable contacts, get as many as you can to bring with you.
    • If you are in a program that will require vaccines (health fields, education) bring your proof of vaccination card with you to the USA.
  • If you have any specific products you cannot live without (such as hair styling products or a favorite kind of face-wash) research if you can get it in the USA. If you cannot, you may want to bring some of this item with you.
  • Research what you can and cannot bring into the USA. This is a great resource from the US Government: Don't Pack A Pest.
  • If you have any traditional-style clothing from your culture, bring an outfit for culture celebration events
  • You can get most anything in the USA, but it might vary from what you are accustomed to back home. Trying new things is part of the adventure of travel, so we encourage you to pack light. Here is a suggested packing list compiled by our current international students:
    • Laptop Computer (or money to buy one here)
    • Umbrella
    • Clothes for hot, warm, cool, and cold weather
    • Waterproof shoes
    • Your driver's license
    • Gym clothes / shoes
    • Hiking / outdoor clothes
    • Small trinkets from your home country to offer as gifts
    • A sense of humor
  • Register for classes. International Programs staff will help you.
  • Study for the math placement exam. You will be required to take it when you arrive

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